Time Savings Calculator

Tractor in a field with dark sky in the distance

Mother nature is unpredictable. You look out your window and see a storm in the distance rolling towards your crops. Your window of opportunity is closing.

Make every second count.

A TerraStar corrections subscription offers you the accurate farm equipment positioning you need with the convergence time you want with no need for RTK base stations or cellular plans.

Use this calculator to see how much area you can cover in one hour with each TerraStar subscription level. While you can’t control the weather, you can get to work faster each day.

  Convergence time (min) Area covered in first hour (acres)
TerraStar-C 30
TerraStar-C PRO 5
TerraStar-X 1

What is your time worth?

Contact your local TerraStar Dealer to subscribe

This calculator shows the area that can be farmed in one hour with different TerraStar subscription levels, based on the convergence time. The calculations use your implement width and speed inputs to calculate the area covered per minute multiplied by the time remaining after convergence.