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Precision Agriculture

How accurate is your precision farming solution?

Take back control with TerraStar Correction Services.

Chances are, your accuracy isn’t as good as it could be, and that’s affecting your bottom line. With so much out of your control in the field, TerraStar corrections put the control back in your hands, ensuring accurate, reliable positioning in as little as 60 seconds.

Keep the precision in precision farming

Standard satellite positioning is at its most accurate and reliable when combined with the right correction service.

TerraStar corrections are calculated for each satellite and those corrections are delivered to your receiver automatically. The result? Sub-inch accuracy with 99.999% availability worldwide.

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Why does precision matter?

Higher Profits

Maximized efficiency and increased yields with precision.

Lower Costs

Sub-inch accuracy cuts fuel and input costs.

More Up-Time

High performing corrections and 99.999% availability of those corrections means you work the field without interruption

The right accuracy for your operation

Performance TerraStar-X™ * TerraStar-C PRO™ TerraStar-C™ TerraStar-L™
Year-to-year Repeatability 0.8 in 1 in 1.6 in 15.8 in
Pass-to-Pass Accuracy  0.8in 0.8 in 1.6 in 6 in
Convergence Time
< 1 min
< 18 min
30 min
< 5 min

* TerraStar-X is currently only available in certain regions. View Coverage Area

How Correction Services Work

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