TerraStar Support Bulletin | Subscription Transition

To Include TerraStar Quad Frequency Corrections and IP Delivery | 25 January 2022

Hexagon | NovAtel is enhancing the TerraStar-C PRO service to use additional satellite signals, reducing the time taken to achieve centimetre level accuracy and improving solution robustness. To experience the improved performance offered by TerraStar-C PRO the receiver will need to be updated to the 7.08.10 firmware version, available on the firmware downloads page, as well as receive a subscription update. Note that the subscription message can be received prior to upgrading the firmware.

Customers are not required to upgrade firmware or to change subscriptions to maintain their current service levels.

Update Subscription Update Required   Firmware Update Required
 1. Enhanced TerraStar-C PRO corrections  Yes  Yes, required to experience performance benefits from correction updates.
 2. Access to IP delivery  Yes  No
 3. Access to a new fast IP delivery feed (4800bps)  Yes  Not required but recommended.


Affected Products:

  • Subscription updates are required for users to experience performance improvements with active TerraStar-C PRO subscriptions, activated before January 24, 2022.
  • 7.08.10 firmware update is supported on OEM7700, OEM719, OEM729, PwrPak7, CPT7700.


To make use of service upgrades, the receiver will need the latest 7.08.10 firmware, available on the firmware downloads page. Note that the upgraded subscription message can be received prior to upgrading firmware.

The new subscriptions messages will be available as of January 24, 2022. TerraStar-C PRO subscriptions which started before January 24, 2022 will be updated and a new activation message will be broadcasted starting January 24, 2022 for a period of 30 days. To activate your receiver with this updated subscription, please set up your receiver as per the normal activation instructions.

Note that the receiver will not show that the new subscription message has been received. There will be no visible change to the existing subscription information on your receiver. For this reason, it is recommended to leave your receiver on and tracking for the day for best success.

Any new TerraStar-C PRO subscriptions or renewals activated after January 24, 2022 will automatically include the subscription features noted in the table above.

Activation details for TerraStar and IP delivery can be found in the following application notes:

  • APN-087 TerraStar on OEM7
  • APN-089 IP Delivery for Global TerraStar Corrections