All TerraStar Users 98W SP98W1 Outage | TerraStar

All TerraStar Users 98W and SP98W1 Outage

All TerraStar Users 98W SP98W1 Outage

The TerraStar 98W and SP98W1 Services were offline from 23:44 UTC on the 24th July 2023 & returned at 00:20 UTC on the 25th July 2023. The total outage was approximately 36mins. This was due to extreme weather conditions at the Uplink site. There is still a possibility the Service may be disrupted again until around 05:00 UTC on 25th July 2023 All other TerraStar services on 143.5 and AORW satellites remained online. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.