EOL Notice:

Several months ago, TerraStar GNSS Ltd. informed our Partners that our TerraStar-M DGNSS correction service would no longer be supported. Users of the TerraStar-M service are therefore urged to upgrade to our more accurate correction services; TerraStar-D and TerraStar-C. Effective immediately TerraStar GNSS Ltd. will permanently discontinue the TerraStar-M service. From the date of this End-of Life Statement, no new subscriptions for TerraStar-M will be activated, although existing subscriptions for TerraStar-M will continue to be active until the end of the current subscription. After the expiry of any current TerraStar-M subscriptions customers can upgrade to either TerraStar-D or TerraStar-C.

We encourage users to learn more about TerraStar GNSS Limited's other more accurate correction services for dual frequency GNSS receivers by discussing with your receiver supplier, or by visiting our website at:


Alternative GNSS correction services from TerraStar include:
• TerraStar-C: TerraStar-C is an advanced GNSS correction dataset which offers positional accuracy of better than 5cm (2σ) globally. The TerraStar-C dataset contains information that enables carrier phase ambiguities to be resolved to their true integer values within the receiver position solution, such as orbit and clock corrections, and bias information.
• TerraStar-D: TerraStar-D is a precise point positioning (PPP) service which delivers position accuracy at better than 10cm (2σ) globally. Measurement precision is achieved by using both L1 and L2 carrier phase observations, together with C/A Code and P-Code measurements.

We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this causes you.

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