NovAtel Correct with TerraStar D at ION 2014

A recent paper published and presented by NovAtel at ION 2014 demonstrates the performance of TerraStar D when implemented into the NovAtel receiver.

NovAtel CORRECT with TerraStar-D is a premium, L-band delivered PPP service. TerraStar-D is built upon GPS and GLONASS PPP corrections generated by TerraStar using their Orbit and Clock Determination System (OCDS). Data for the correction generation is from TerraStar's private receiver network consisting of more than 80 globally located stations.

David McHardy of TerraStar comments " It is a combination of two businesses working together to enhance and deliver high levels of performance that meet customer needs, we hope to maintain continued development and enhance services further in the future"


An abstract from the paper can be found here.