TerraStar Offers GNSS Manufacturers Revenue Sharing Opportunities

TerraStar is pleased to offer GNSS manufacturers unique revenue sharing opportunities including the possibility to launch their own precise GNSS augmentation services via endorsed rebranding of TerraStar services as a re-seller. This will provide an attractive recurring service revenue stream to GNSS manufacturers which was not previously available in the industry.

TerraStar is a brand name of TerraStar GNSS Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veripos Ltd. TerraStar is pleased to confirm that following the acquisition of its parent company by Hexagon AB in March 2014, it will continue as a neutral and independent provider of satellite delivered precise positioning augmentation services for land and nearshore markets. It is already well advanced in plans to expand its service offering.

Gary Wilcock, General Manager of TerraStar recently renewed the company's commitment to re-sellers, integrators and end customers at the recent Munich Satellite Navigation Summit by stating "TerraStar will remain an open system available to all current and future partners." He added "The TerraStar service will remain available to all partners who have a valid contract on a perpetual basis for as long as long as the services continue to be delivered. We intend to be a long-term partner for our customers."

Walter Steedman, CEO of Veripos Ltd. added "All partners will be treated on a level playing field. Strict information firewalls will be maintained for all TerraStar dealings with different business partners so that all can be assured that market or other sensitive information remains confidential."