Surveying, Mapping and Construction

Surveying, Mapping and Construction

GNSS systems have been in use for many years in the survey and mapping environment, and the use of TerraStar GNSS  augmentation signals can make the process quicker and more productive, with reduced capital outlay for local reference stations,

With decimeter and sub meter accuracies, TerraStar signals coupled with TerraStar compatible receivers can be used for a wide range of survey and mapping tasks:

  • Boundary mapping
  • Agriculture & forestry mapping
  • Cable and pipeline surveys
  • Irrigation surveys
  • Landscape mapping
  • Utilities asset mapping
  • Local authority asset mapping
  • Resource mapping
  • Setting out for mines
  • Pavement condition monitoring
  • Road and access planning

 TerraStar capable receivers are available from several receiver manufacturers

Positioning for land survey