Land Oil & Gas

Land Oil & Gas

TerraStar land DGNSS services can be used for precise positioning at all stages of onshore hydrocarbons exploration and production, from initial reconnaissance, planning and seismic acquisition programmes, to drilling, pipelaying and facilities layout and construction. 

TerraStar receiver and processing capability is now fully integrated into a range of TerraStarcompatible receivers including pole mounted survey  and vehicle mounted units.  These are available from several TerraStar partner manufacturers.

Seismic acquisition benefits especially from the use of TerraStar for the initial layout, and TerraStar-D can be used for the positioning of the recording and source vibrator vehicles during the acquisition operations. There is a  clear benefit for  the efficiency of these survey intensive operations through the reduction of the need for RTK base stations and their progressive coordination and re-coordination during geographically large acquisition programmes, which may involve 15-20 recorder and vibrator vehicles, and numerous surveyors. 

With the embedding of the TerraStar receiver technology directly into the GNSS receivers, the resulting physically small and robust package is easily integrated directly onto the recorder and vibrator trucks, feeding high accuracy positioning continuously and directly into the vehicle tablet PCs, vibrator electronics packages and the radio network. The antenna can be directly mounted on the vibrator pad structure. 

TerraStar has many advantages for seismic operations:

  • TerraStar mitigates the RTK base station and VHF/UHF DGNSS broadcast range issues.
  • Survey pole solutions for initial reconnaissance and cable layout, as well as vehicle mounted units for vibtruck positioning.
  • TerraStar matches client requirements on positioning accuracies. 
  • TerraStar always combines GPS and GLONASS as standard reducing the down time due to GPS only high DOP periods.

  • A full time/real time monitoring solution is available in TerraStar Verify QC to demonstrate the validity of the positioning to clients.



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